Meet The Team



Unit: 508 PIR

Rank: Staff Sgt

Nickname origin: On Neil's first training jump he ended up so far away from the DZ he landed on the place he took off from, the runway!

Role: Another key rifleman and assisting on the 30cal runway is the only one with a driving pass in our platoon runway is a vital member of the group transporting wounded back to the aid station and providing support on reconnaissance missions, if you see runway his jeep is not far behind.

Enjoys: Aircraft recognition, and cruising in jeeps



Unit: 307th Airborne Medical Company

Rank: 1st Lieutenant

Nickname Origin: With the field hospital on an old farm Paula found her new best friend Charlie, the Labrador whos owner was nowhere to be found, and she is never seen without him. Mutz was also the nickname of John Daums sister Marcella and fit appropriately with Paula, who took on the nickname in remembrance and respect of John Daum and his family.

Role: As a nurse Mutz works away from the front line at the field hospital, aiding soldiers and either shipping them off back home or back to the front line. Mutz is one of few women assigned to the 82nd airborne and wears the division patch with pride

Enjoys: Reading and taking photographs


(Vice Administrator)

Unit:508 PIR

Rank: Pvt

Nickname Origin: After attending a 508PIR reunion,Graham met Walter Barrett of B. Company who only called him Dude. from that day on the nickname stuck.

Role: Made an honorary member of the 508PIR in 2008 Dude is our first contact if we are injured in combat, he is our field medic and can be found carrying extensive medical equipment to provide a temporary cure for just about anything, and hopefully save our lives.

Enjoys: Telling stories, dude has one for everything.


(Web/Media admin)

Unit: 307th airborne engineers

Rank: Technician 5th Grade

Nickname Origin: Vaughan has the ability to assemble webbing in no time and make and repair items needed in the field by the troops, just like a rigger.

Role: As an engineer sparky can be found with the M1A1 Bazooka, along with extensive electric and non-electric demolition equipment. With careful calculations no structure stands in his way. Sparky also takes upon the role of MP at smaller events so you better keep on the right side of the law.

Enjoys: Playing the harmonica.

John Elliot

Unit: 508 PIR

Rank: Pvt

Role: John carries the m1928 Thompson providing quickfire support for the riflemen in the group. John is one of our newest members and has shown true commitment attending almost all of our events since woodhall spa and helped to set up and take down camp. John is a great laugh and interacts well with the public.

Enjoys: Funny stories

Mindy Elliot

Unit: French Resistent

Rank: N/A

Role: Mindy is our front line support after the drop meeting us in an old farmhouse near Piccauville, Mindy joins the fight by giving the troops vital local knowledge and secret maps containing hideaways and tunnels around the village to avoid capture and fulfil their objectives. Mindy is another recent member to JUMP 44 LHG and has shown commitment and dedication to the hobby.


Unit: 508 PIR

Rank: Pvt

Nickname Origin: Lewis earns his nickname from his posing for the camera, it has been said he looks like a Hollywood star out of the movies.

Role: Lewis is another Parachute Infantry member and provides support as a 30cal gunner when the going gets tough, He has an eye like a hawk and will see you way before you see him. Hollywood is a keen soldier and always manages to find the trouble if it doesn't find him first.

Enjoys: Weapons and Jeeps

Kevin Smith

Unit: 508 PIR

Rank: Sgt

Role: Kevin is another key member of the team portraying the 508 Parachute infantry regiment he provides front line support to the group. Kevin can always crack a joke and keeps the platoons moral high.

Enjoys: Jeeps and Guns

Anne Smith

Unit: 307th Airborne medical company

Rank: Pvt

Role: Anne has a vital role in keeping the troops healthy and fed so they can keep fighting on the front line. Anne supports Mutz in the field hospital to keep wounded troops moving through the aid station to get patched up and back on the front line.

Enjoys: Educating the Public on Life During the War

Group Mascots

Charlie(The Destroyer)Barsby

Unit:Trainee Group Mascot

Rank: Pvt

Nickname Origin: Life's all fun and games for a puppy and chewing the un-chewable is certainly charlie's favourite! lets just hope he finds some use for it in battle.

Role: As our newest member of the team Charlie has allot to learn from Boomer and is training to be our camp security patrol and also how to smile for the camera.

Enjoys: Chewing and undivided attention

Boomer Barsby R.I.P

Unit: Group Mascot

Rank: 1st lieutenant (honorary)

Name origin: With every boom, blast, and gun shot boomer disappears

Role: Boomer was the first Jump 44 group mascot and was a popular photo point, his job was to ensure camp security and represent the group in all of his actions. Boomer sadly passed away on 10.06.2017 and will be dearly missed by all of the team.

Enjoyed: Biscuits and Jeep rides