About Us


Jump 44 is a living history group who represent members of the 508PIR and 307th Engineers associated with the 82nd airborne during the second world war. we aim to put on an accurate display of life in the second world war and educate the public as accurately as possible what it was like over 70 years ago. By attending re-enactment events we have an opportunity to talk to the public and share stories and historical knowledge about the era. this is our hobby and jump 44 do not profit from what we do, we are rewarded by the experiences we get and the knowledge we learn through re-enactment events.Our mission is to keep history alive and teach about the events of the war you don't learn about in school, this information is aided visually by the authentic and also original equipment we display. All of the members in the group are unique and all have extensive knowledge about who they represent and what they own but it doesn't stop there. as a group we share our knowledge with each other which covers a huge amount of the era particularly about the people we represent, and what we don't know we always want to learn. At these events we meet with veterans and people who have stories unique to them, these stories mean allot to us and remind us why we do this hobby to keep those stories alive when the person who told them is no longer with us. Without historians and enthusiasts there would be chunks of history that are no longer remembered and we aim to never let that happen, every event we attend is in remembrance and we know portraying it wrong is dis-respectful to the heroes who were actually there. So briefly that is why we commit to re-enactments and this fantastic hobby, but putting the serious bit aside we do this because we have fun and enjoy spending time with each other. All in all we are a group of friends who have met through the hobby and want to share our experiences and knowledge with you.


So you may be asking why not just buy the gear and go to the events? Well as you have read above we do this hobby because of the history, for starters to know what to buy you would have to have a vague knowledge on what you want to represent and that is a good start and usually where most re-enactors begin. As a group we choose to do as much research as possible so we can answer as many of your questions as possible, without the research we wouldn't have the knowledge to educate people on what we do. Another reason and an important one is we enjoy reading and researching about the history of who we represent and all have a passion to learn. Research gives us our focus point of most conversation always learning something new, and this allows us to share our research with other re-enactors in conversation. If you see re-enactors talking it will almost definitely be about the era. Another reason we may research things is to find out more information about something we may have come across at events. At re-enactment events everyone has different equipment and different stories its most likely we will come across something we have not seen before or find out information we didn't know, researching these items or stories allows us to tell them in the future and give the public an even wider knowledge.

Veterans And Remembrance

So as you may know remembrance is the pinnacle of everything we do. no matter what we do at these events the knowledge and history all comes back to remembering what happened during the second world war. Meeting with veterans is also an honour jump 44 has had on many occasions and some members have been lucky enough to become close to veterans and families of people who served. As a group we are in touch with families and veterans over in america and we aim to represent those people accurately, learning allot from them about what it was really like. Many of the group have visited memorials and key locations such as Normandy and Holland where major events of the war took place. These trips abroad also gives us chance to remember those who have fallen and get a feel for the locations soldiers had to fight in. It is these experiences that we aim to share with you and encourage you to visit these places for yourself. Everything we do as re-enactors we aim to be respectful to and honour those who went through this in real life.

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